Guide: Rainy Day in Montreal

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What To Do on a Rainy Day in Montreal?

This past weekend in Montreal definitely did not feel like summer. I am not one to sit around at home, so I tried to think of some activities to help get my mind off the rain. Mall? Nah. Movie? Maybe later. Spa day? Hmm! That could be fun!

So I booked myself and sister #1 a massage, and a facial for sister #2 (disclaimer: numbering is only to distinguish between the sisters and is not indicative of any favouritism). We all got appointments at the same time, which was ideal. Where? Victoria Park! We figured we could get a workout in (some Bodylicious or VicSpin) followed by massages and mani/pedis!

But first….coffee! We headed across the street to Le Café Crème for some much needed almond milk lattés and biscotti before spending the rest of the day getting pampered


My massage with Johnny was heavenly and my back feels great today! Afterwards, we wanted to make use of the thermal circuit (sauna, steam room, and cold room), but it’s important to keep hydrated after a massage, so we guzzled down some water and our Pure Leaf Teas (Pure Leaf Green Tea with Honey is my favourite) and headed to the locker rooms.


We started our day off a little later and were straight off to dinner after lazing around the sauna and taking a quick shower. If you get an earlier start, grab some lunch at Park (they have an awesome lunch menu)!

Now that’s my idea of a perfect rainy day. I think it is so important to take a day for yourself once in a while-  and even better if you have some siblings or friends to share it with <3.


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