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MFleurs Launch Event

I attended the MFleurs launch event a few weeks ago and was treated to a floral delight! New City Gas was transformed into a lovely rose garden with rose-themed drinks, décor, and even cupcakes!

So what is MFleurs?

For all those of you who have struggled to come up with ideas of what to send people to say congrats, I love you, I miss you, Mazel Tov, good luck, you rock, happy graduation, happy birthday, or thank you-  MFleurs tackles this head on.


A bouquet of red roses is a nice thought, but maybe a little passé. MFleurs modern rose arrangements arrive at the receiver’s doorstep in a unique and customizable box. Choose one of their standard designs like the the Mrs. Montreal, or customize your own, and they’re on their way..sure to delight whoever is on the receiving end.


Thanks for having us at this gorgeous event MFleurs & RosePR. Hoping I’m special enough to receive a box of my own in the mail one of these days :).


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