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Montreal’s New HOT Spin Studio

376 Avenue Victoria, Westmount, QC H3Z 1C3

Music blaring, body rolling, and sweat dripping. A club on the main? Think again.

Though it might sound as if the above went down on a Saturday night at a Montreal club, I was actually dressed in spandex riding along to the beat at the latest and greatest Montreal Spin Studio – VicSpin at Victoria Park.

I am always in for a good workout, especially when it is followed by some good food. In this case, we were treated to a 45-minute spin session and “snacks” (AKA sushi, sweet potato noodles, and salads) by Antonio Park. You had me at snacks. And besides…after spinning for 45 minutes the calories are cancelled out, right?

Anyways, back to spinning! The music had me dancing (as much as I possibly could while riding) and the two instructors, Drea and Natalie provided guidance and motivation the entire time. We were encouraged to go at our own pace and spin to the beat.

Would I go back? Definitely! I have attended spinning classes before, but never enjoyed them as much as I did this one. Working out has never felt so much like a party. You should go!

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