Notre Boeuf de Grace

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NDG Welcomes NBG

5732 Sherbrooke W, MontrealQC H4A 1W8

NDG, a family-friendly neighbourhood that is quickly becoming inhabited by a younger demographic, is facing one small problem. Aside from local hot spots like Lucille’s and The Tavern on Monkland, where will these young and trendy NDG residents eat?

Enter Notre Boeuf de Grâce. Becoming better known around town as NBG. Nestled on Sherbrooke (west of Decarie), this spot offers everything you could possibly need for the summer: a terrace to chill on, grub to satisfy all of your cravings, soft-serve ice cream, creative cocktails, and the most delicious affogato to sip on in the sunshine.

I visited on a night that was a tad too cold to sit on the terrace (of course there were people eating outside anyways…..Oh…Montrealers…..), so we grabbed a table inside. The space is casual, but wooden tables, and a large central lighting fixture add some ambience. Bold red and black writing on a statement wall gives the room a rock and roll vibe.

Start off with the Devils on Horseback: Dates wrapped in bacon that are deep fried and served with hot sauce. An unlikely combination that just works.

Devils on Horseback
Wedge Salad

Customize your burger, or choose from one of their suggestions that are even offered with the perfect drink pairing.

Vegetarians have the option of a veggie burger. Non-beef eaters can go for a chicken burger. And those of you on a health-kick can opt for a lettuce wrap.

The burgers themselves are thin, tasty, and juicy- as they should be. There are plenty of toppings and sauces to choose from, so go wild!

Beef Burger / Tandoori Mayo / Etc.
Chicken Burger / Lettuce Bun

Beef Burger / Lettuce Bun

Beef Burger / Salami / Fried Egg

The potato skins are crispy and topped with a combination of sauces and chives. Think loaded baked potato in finger-food form. And of course fries and poutine are always a good option as a side. P.s. coke is served the classic way- with syrup (cherry coke is available!).

Potato Skins

You should definitely go if you live in the neighbourhood. NBG is the only of its kind in NDG, and I predict it will be a hit with locals and Montrealers alike this summer!

Mind, Taste, Love.

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