Bois et Cuir

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St-Hubert Street….Not Just for Wedding Dresses

6320 rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal T. (514) 270-7444

There are certain areas of the city known for furniture stores- St-Laurent street, St-Henri, and Griffintown to name a few. Of course there are also larger chains like Structube and even some stores from the US that are popping up around the city.

What if I told you that a 16,000 square foot furniture store filled with tons of industrial and vintage-style pieces is located on St-Hubert street. You would probably respond with: “Isn’t that where you’re supposed to shop for wedding dresses?”

Well this decorator’s dream does in fact exist in the form of Bois et Cuir. Us bilingual Montrealer’s know that Bois et Cuir translates to Wood and Leather, and you will see an abundance of these two materials throughout the store. If you’re more of a suede guy or gal, I suggest you stay home. Find two floors of wooden/leather desks, couches, headboards, coffee tables, and a selection of head-turning lighting fixtures. You will also find pop art, metal skulls, and other unique vintage items to set your sights on. Pricing is variable depending on the nature of the item, but I was impressed with how affordable many of the pieces were!

Even if you’re not looking for furniture, there is still reason for you to visit. Have you ever been to a dinner party and envied the host/hostess for their adorable serving platters, cups, or cheese boards? They may have found them here! Chalkboard cheese boards, adorable place mats, beautifully painted mugs (my favourite are the toile), and other home décor items make great gifts for dinner parties, or house-warmings (I LOVE the Archipelago diffusers and scented candles). Stop by to pick-up an item to warm up your home, or invest in a unique piece of furniture that will transform your space.

Check out their Facebook Page and Instagram for cute gift ideas and décor-inspo!


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