Pizzeria Napoletana

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A Little Late to the Pizza Party

189 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1K1

I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never been to Pizzeria Napoletana before this weekend. I mean, this place has been serving what is arguably Montreal’s most famous pizza since 1948!

So finalllllllly I made it…with a bottle of wine in hand (BYOW!), ready to see what all of the hype was about.

I can definitely tell you that the hype is not about the atmosphere – but it’s all part of the experience. The casual eatery is located in Little Italy on the corner of Dante and feels exactly like what it is…..well, used to be…..an old pool bar whose pool tables have been replaced with dining tables. It was packed on a Saturday night (especially because the soccer game was playing) and we had to wait a while before being seated.

Once our table was ready I took a glance at the menu. There is no way I was going to be able to choose a pizza out of the seemingly 100 on this menu…so, I made my own: tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, mushrooms, and olives. Though the toppings were a little sparse, they weren’t even necessary because the sauce is just THAT good. Even better than the sauce? The crust. Napoletana lays down slices of mozarella cheese before pouring the sauce over top to ensure the crust does not get soggy. There strategy is fool-proof. This is the crispiest thin-crust pizza I have had to date.

Next up, some grilled rapini with garlic and my personal favourite, the gnocchi in tomato sauce. There is nothing quite as simple, yet satisfying as potato gnocchi (when done right). Napoletana’s literally melt in your mouth and, once again, THAT SAUCE. So flavourful and delicious.

For dessert we shared some tiramisu and cannoli and I had to watch my boyfriend sip his perfect looking cappuccino. FYI I haven’t had coffee in months (for personal health & experimental reasons!) and this was definitely a time when I missed it most.

I am already craving another slice of Napoletana’s pizza and can’t wait to return for more. I can’t believe how long it took me to try, but boy am I glad that I did.

A L L    Y O U   N E E D   T O   K N O W


Pizzeria Napoletana is a very casual Bring Your Own Wine Italian eatery that has been serving the ultimate thin crust pizza since 1948. It is located in Little Italy on a quaint corner of Dante street and is opened everyday for lunch and dinner. They have a small terrace in the summer.


Just walk-In (and expect to wait) • Reserve the Day OfReserve the Week Of Reserve 3-Months in Advance

Dress Code

PJs Would DoJeans and a TeeEffort Required  • Dress to Impress


Don’t Expect Much Pretty Chill TrendyExpect a Party


Parking LotFree on SidestreetsMetersYou should Probably Uber

Dietary Restrictions

Not For Picky Eaters Diverse Menu Options AccommodatingGF, V, Organic


Cheap Eats: $ • Affordable: $$  Deep Pockets: $$$ • “Let’s Split the Bill…”: $$$$




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