Restaurant Hà

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Bia Hoi

243 Av. du Mont-Royal OuestMontréal (QC)

Bia Hoi, a type of draft beer, is found in small bars and on street corners across Vietnam. On a trip to Vietnam two summers ago, I experienced the sheer joy of sipping on a cold beer, while sitting on a small red plastic stool (akin to those found in your kindergarden class) on a street corner in Hanoi, beside smiling locals chattering in their mother tongue. Their is nothing like traveling and immersing yourself into the local culture and eating their food, but it is always fun to come home and find local gems that conjure up amazing memories through smells, tastes, and sounds.

Restaurant Hà sits on the corner of Mont Royal street, much like the small corner stores selling Bia Hoi throughout Vietnam. If you choose to dine outdoors (in the summertime of course), you will be stunned by their terrace covered in hanging lights that sparkle in the night. Sit on a small stool at a wooden table, and order a beer, or one of their many cocktails – mine was delicious with beer, sesame seeds, and honey – but I cannot remember the name, so look out for those ingredients (or comment below if you know what it’s called)! The nostalgia of sitting on those street corners in Vietnam hit me with the first cold sip of my drink. Of course Vietnam was much hotter, stickier, louder, and more polluted, but still I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wanderlust in that second.

Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls

Edamame with Herbs and Lime
Once I snapped back to reality, I had a chance to look over the menu. Expect classic Vietnamese dishes, but with a twist as well as dishes from other South East Asian countries.
The edamame were tangy and spicy with just the right amount of spice. The beef pho was a little too salty for me, but the rich broth and comforting noodles would do wonders on a winter day. We followed these appetizers with an order of spicy glazed chicken wings, which were slightly crunchy, sweet, and spicy all at once. Delicious. And finally the bao buns- served in a black bun and filled with shrimp and crispy vegetables. The crispy filling stuffed in the soft and pillowy bun made for the perfect bite!

Beef Pho

Chicken Wings

Bao Buns

Bao Bun
This is a spot that I see myself coming back to again and again. In the summertime, so that I can enjoy their wonderful terrace and refreshing cocktails, and in the winter for a comforting bowl of pho, or a plate of pad thai. The interior of the restaurant is also beautifully decorated in a modern fashion with rustic touches to reflect the restaurant’s fusion of modern and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. I highly recommend you pay Restaurant Hà a visit.
Stay in the know: There are no reservations on the terrace
What I wore: Dark blue jeans, chambray button-down, and lace espadrilles

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