Torteria Lupita

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Flautas are the New Tacos

4601 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H4C 1S5

Selecting a brunch spot in Montreal is a daunting task. Trust me, I’m not complaining. It means that we have a lot of choice – and I’m not just talking quantity – we have tons of quality brunch spots around this city! So when I’m debating on where to eat out for breakfast or brunch, I try to find places with interesting menus full of dishes that I would not have the patience to create at home.

Enter Torteria Lupita.

This corner spot is like a little slice of Mexico City in our very own St. Henri. Bright turquoise walls, picnic tables, and plants transport you from a freezing Montreal winter day (which will hopefully be long gone soon!), to a warm and inviting Mexican eatery. Their goal is to give eaters the experience of dining at a magical Mexican market by serving more than the familiar tacos and burritos.

We started with a hot chocolate – served with a dash of cinnamon for spice! Up next we shared flautas, rolled up tortillas stuffed with different fillings (one potato and one chicken in this case) and topped with sour cream, crumbled feta, and salsa. These were some of the best I’ve had in Montreal.

Now, when you hit up a torteria, make sure not to miss the tortas – Essentially, a Mexican-style sandwich very similar to a cubano, but filled with avocado, jalapeño, grilled pineapple, chipotle mayo, and other wonderful Mexican ingredients. Torteria Lupita has several tortas on their menu. We went with the beauty below (chicken, lettuce, grilled pineapple, chipotle mayo, and avocado). The sandwich ingredients complement each other perfectly, but the bread is the real MVP here.

Since brunch is supposed to consist of some breakfast components as well, we tried their breakfast quesadilla filled with scrambled eggs and served with a salsa verde. Though delicious, the torta and flautas were definitely the stars here.

P.s. if you still have room, their churros literally looked heavenly.

Torteria Lupita – I can guarantee I will be back.

A L L    Y O U   N E E D   T O   K N O W


Torteria Lupita is opened Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner and Saturday for brunch. They are known for their authentic Mexican dishes like tortas and flautas served in a bright and casual eatery in St. Henri.


Just walk-In • Reserve the Day OfReserve the Week Of Reserve 3-Months in Advance

Dress Code

PJs Would DoJeans and a TeeEffort Required  • Dress to Impress


Don’t Expect MuchPretty ChillTrendyExpect a Party


Parking LotFree on SidestreetsMetersYou should Probably Uber

Dietary Restrictions

Not For Picky Eaters Diverse Menu Options AccommodatingGF, V, Organic


Cheap Eats: $ • Affordable: $$  Deep Pockets: $$$ • “Let’s Split the Bill…”: $$$$

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