Jardin Iwaki

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An Old-Fashioned Date Night

5887 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H4A 1X6


I love date night.

But date nights have changed. Restaurants are evolving from “fine dining” to “fast casual” to cater to our increasingly fast-paced society.

You no longer look up across the table to see the eyes of your date gazing into yours, but rather into their phone screen – checking the score, answering an e-mail, or scrolling through Instagram. All too often we complain about the food taking too long, the service being too slow, and just wanting to get home in time for that TV show. There is no doubt that I am guilty of all of it, and that is the exact reason I fell in love with my date night at Jardin Iwaki.

This quaint spot on Sherbrooke O in NDG has a total of 4 tables, 1 waitress, and 1 chef, so right off the bat – you know you’re not going to be in and out of here so fast. Learn it. Accept it. Love it.

On top of that, you are about to be served a 7-course meal for $33. Courses are served sequentially, so you must finish enjoying one dish before you get the next. The best part of it all – the food is so good, you definitely won’t be in any rush to leave!


Course 1: Assorted Appetizers

Tuna-stuffed tomato, fish cakes, salmon tartare, eggplant and pork, and seaweed served in cucumber.

Course 2: Cold Soba Noodle Salad
Course 3: Japanese Pancakes
Course 4: Tuna Sashimi with Sunflower Oil


Course 5: Mackerel with Rapini, Three Kinds of Japanese Mushrooms, and Eggplant
Course 6: Mussel Soup with Rice
Course 7: Ginger Ice Cream with Grapes and Figs
Even if it’s not every night of the week – everyone should take the time to dine like this once in a while. It’s a beautiful thing to indulge in amazing conversation, food, and culture all at once –  and no worries, you can catch the game on PVR later ;).

A L L    Y O U   N E E D   T O   K N O W


Just walk-InReserve the Day OfReserve the Week Of Reserve 3-Months in Advance

Dress Code

PJs Would Do • Jeans and a TeeEffort Required   • Dress to Impress


Don’t Expect MuchPretty ChillTrendyExpect a Party


Parking LotFree on SidestreetsMetersYou should Probably Uber

Dietary Restrictions

7-Course Chalk Board Menu (call in advance to inform of food restrictions) Diverse Menu OptionsAccommodatingGF, V, Organic


$ • $$ $$$ • $$$$

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