Lick Your Plate

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Cookbook Review: Lick Your Plate

And Lick My Plate I Did….

Even with the myriads of recipes online that you could share, pin, foodgawk-  really all but eat – I still truly love a great cookbook. The millions of online recipes can be overwhelming and I get anxious trying to select the best chocolate chip cookie recipe – like, HOW MANY BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES COULD THERE BE?!

Woah. Sorry. Now I really just want a chocolate chip cookie.

OKOK-  back to cookbooks! They just take away ALL of that choice and make deciding on Monday night’s dinner so much simpler. Anything that makes decisions on a Monday less stressful is fine by me. And to top it off, there is nothing more satisfying than flipping through a cookbook with amazing pictures. Can you say #FoodPorn?

So you could imagine my delight when I was given the chance to review Lick Your Plate the latest cookbook from sisters, Lisa Gnat and Julie Albert, co-authors of Bite Me and Bite Me Too. Their personalities come through in cheeky blurbs describing all 160 recipes they have hand-selected, and the drool-worthy pictures will have you salivating over each page.

Here’s what I love most-  you won’t JUST find a collection of ultra-healthy recipes, or extremely fattening desserts. This book gives you the best of both worlds from simple soups and salads to dreamy desserts, so whether it’s for a cocktail party, or just a casual fam dinner, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

I took a stab at the Soba Noodle Miso Soup thinking that I would fail miserably, since I have honestly never made an Asian soup before, but the steps were clear and simple and kept me right on track. Within an hour I had a steaming bowl of noodle soup on the table and I actually stayed within the expected time frame! That almost NEVER happens.



Check out these sisters on their blog, where you could scroll through more recipes, watch videos of the adorable twosome, and even purchase their latest book! Try out any of their recipes and I guarantee you will #LickYourPlate clean!

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