Contrology Pilates & Wellness Studio

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Ringing in the New Year with Resolutions…and Keeping Them.

1373 Avenue Greene, Westmount, QC H3Z 2A9, Canada

It’s that time of year again, where we promise ourselves we will make certain improvements, efforts, or changes in the New Year. I am a big believer in working towards our maximum happiness year-round and not waiting for January 1st to set plans into motion. However, I do agree that starting a new year with a positive mentality and goals is motivating.

Of course many of us promise to eat healthier and workout more. Maybe by downloading the latest weight-loss app on your phone, or by joining a gym! Though those are both great, they are just small steps towards a healthier lifestyle- which consists of more than just healthy eating and working out. It is a mentality and a way of being. The owners of Contrology Pilates on Greene Avenue are completely connected – Mind, Body, & Soul. Within an hour session of reformer Pilates, I was able to see that. It inspired me to want to work towards a healthier lifestyle- one of my personal resolutions for the new year. No, that does not mean no more eating out and blogging about my escapades, but I will make a serious effort towards looking at health and happiness holistically-  perhaps by starting with more classical Pilates classes at Contrology!

The owners, Charlie Michael and Lorraine Kelley, are married, making this studio even more adorable and organic than it seems at first glance. Lorraine embarked on her Pilates career in London (Charlie’s hometown), but later they moved back to Montreal to open the first classical Pilates studio in Quebec, Contrology. The studio, perfectly located on Greene Avenue, is home to traditional Pilates equipment (these contraptions could look pretty intimidating at first, but they are actually not so bad with good instruction!). They offer classical mat, reformer, and tower pilates. When you enter there is a small boutique selling clothing by lifestyle brand Wellicious– a luxury line of workout and loungewear made in Portugal with organic cottons, natural linens, and sustainable silks. A few steps in lies the quaint studio. Just the right amount of light comes in from the street to naturally light the space creating a zen atmosphere.

We got onto our reformers and had to be constantly reminded to breathe, feel, and focus on the connection between the different muscles in our body. These seem like fundamental parts of working out, but I was surprised by how many times I actually found myself holding my breath and simply going through the motions without focusing on the muscles that were working. Lorraine and Cora guided us and kept us on track. They are both extremely knowledgeable and studied at an intensive teacher training school in Boulder, Colorado where they continue to take courses.

Contrology just celebrated their 1-year anniversary! Learn more about their story, their classes, and wellness boutique on their website, and don’t forget to book your first class! You will NEVER regret an hour spent working out. Treat yourself. And remember to keep those resolutions realistic, so that 2016 could be the best yet!

Contrology Pilates Studio

Mind, Taste, Lifestyle.

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