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Mix It!


There is nothing more exciting than getting to personalize an item. When that item is food, the anticipation is amplified…times 10. I was invited to create my own cereal mix on MixIt.ca and could not WAIT to receive my custom cereal at my doorstep.

Click START on the Mix It website and enter a world of endless cereal and granola combinations. Worried about your granola getting too expensive? A tracker on the right of the screen will keep you in check. Choose from granola, cornflakes, shreddies, bran, gluten free options, or pre-made mixes, then move onto the dried fruits tab. Select from an assortment of dried and freeze-dried fruit that you may not be accustomed to finding in your typical grocery-aisle cereals (papaya, freeze-dried raspberries, and freeze-dried blackberries, just to name a few). The nuts and seeds tab is my personal favourite- I love the crunch and protein that they add to the cereal. Finally there are some Extras to choose from including cinnamon, crushed vanilla, dark chocolate flakes, Matcha almonds, yogurt covered raisins, and the list goes on.

Once you’ve created your ultimate mix, you can name it and select the packaging (a tube to avoid crushing in shipping)- making this a great gift idea. Your cereal will arrive well-packaged and ready to eat with some milk, or yogurt!

If you haven’t found your perfect cereal or granola at the grocery store yet, maybe it’s time you try your own mix on MixIt.ca!  

Mind, Taste, Love.

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