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A Kaiten on Crescent.

1458 Rue Crescent. Montréal, QC H3G


I’m all about restaurants experimenting with new concepts and aiming to set themselves apart from the pack. The launch of Kyozon last week demonstrated the restaurants first strides towards becoming Montreal’s latest trend-setter, and I liked what I saw!

Kyozon Exterior

The official launch party at Kyozon’s seriously impressive Crescent location was a blast! Sushi circulated on their unique Kaiten (conveyor belt), attendees sipped on original cocktails, and the media buzzed about this booming new restaurant and bar. Everyone was having a great time, and although the restaurant is two floors and very spacious, it was packed the entire night!

Sushi Kaiten

Shojo Sour


I didn’t stray too far from the Kaiten and grabbed plenty of sushi before it whizzed by, while sipping my Shojo Sour (a striking green cocktail crafted with Bombay Sapphire, Midori, fresh lime, simple syrup, sesame oil, and egg white). Other snacks were passed around including their popcorn shrimp with sriracha cream, salt and pepper fried calamari, and the cutest and most delicious little desserts- mini passion fruit panna cottas.

Popcorn Shrimp with Sriracha Cream

The restaurant is changing the game a little. A HUGE bar is the main feature you will notice upon entrance, though the entire space is visually stunning. The décor feels traditional and rooted in Asian culture, but still exudes modern and trendy vibes all around. Above the bar, canisters with Japanese symbols line the walls all the way to the ceiling and directly opposite lies the DJ booth. From the second floor, you could look straight-down onto the bar and admire the bartenders shaking up one of their many delicious creations. The second floor is also where you will find the Kaiten (extremely popular all over Japan and beginning to pop-up in the UK and other parts of the world), an all new concept in the Montreal restaurant landscape! A fun way to eat “tapas-style” and try a little bit of everything.

The rest of the menu mimics the décor: the items are based on traditional Asian street-food, but most have a modern twist.

Overall, the night was fun and delicious, but I was mainly struck by Kyozon’s gorgeous design and the fact that no detail was overlooked in the planning of its (definitely) GRAND opening.

Best of luck to the Kyozon team, and congratulations on the launch of a cool new MTL spot!

Mind, Taste, Love.

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